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This is Judah Vincent’s blogsite.

Let me introduce myself as an “over-the-hill” engineer with a career background crisscrossing between Nonprofits and the Corporate world, “down-in-the-valley” bass singer (in gospel ensembles), of Thanjavur stock, writer of Bible based commentaries (Pages) and topics of general interest ( This, that and the other), Christian anarchist (à la Jacques Ellul), Tamil digitizer of ancestor’s literature (Sastriar’s works), limerick writer, வெண்பா வடிவமைப்பவர், buster of myths and mythologies masquerading as scripture, writer of Daily Readings (that he may run) இத்தியாதி இத்தியாதி

Posts on Twitter (now X) with the handle @theriyuma (over 1500 tweets / posts)
banned from Face book and Instagram by wife and children
A Kabul diarist
(mostly unpublished) letter-writer to the Hindu Editor